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Ancient history and settlement.

By 1,500 BC people lived in Bhutan by herding animals. Under him Bhutan became a united country.

Ngawang Namgyal also divided the government of Bhutan into spiritual and secular. The Zhabdrung was the spiritual leader while a person called the Desi ran the secular administration.

Meanwhile in 1627 two Portuguese Jesuit priests became the first Europeans to visit Bhutan.

The 18th century was an era of political instability in Bhutan when many desi were assassinated. Bhutan first made a treaty with the British in 1774.

However Britain and Bhutan quarreled over the Duars (the lowest hills of Bhutan).



Ancient history and settlement.

Bhutan’s climate is as diverse as it’s land. Depending on the altitude, area and amount of sunlight, the climate can range from bitter cold to a humid, hot tropical climate. The three main areas in Bhutan are the Great Himalayan Region, Middle Himalayan Region and the Duars. The southern portion of the Duars is cultivated for rice, but had at one time been a jungle filled with bamboo.

The Middle Himalayan region is part of the Himalayan range that spreads down from the north and surrounds rich, broad valleys.


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