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Ancient history and settlement.

A number of indigenous Mon-Khmer and Malay civilizations used to live in the region now known is Thailand. Other influences throughout the centuries included the Maurya Empire, the Pallava dynasty, and Gupta Empires of India.

From about the 10th to the 14th centuries, Thailand saw a period of Khmer domination over a large portion of what is now Central Thailand, as well as a southward expansion of Thai tribes. The Kingdom of Ayutthaya ended up being successful in retaining its independence from other countries and city states. From his capital of Thonburi, Taksin used his power throughout Thailand to liberate the city states from Burmese control and reunite them.



Ancient history and settlement.

The following countries have a direct border with Thailand: Myanmar (Burma) is in the north and west of Thailand. A long stretch of the Mekong river divides Thailand from Laos in the north and east, the Mekong and the mountains of Dongrak form the border to Cambodia in the east and Malaysia in the south.

With an area of 514.000 square kilometers, Thailand is as big as Spain. After, the river flows through Bangkok and finally spills into the Gulf of Thailand.

In the direction to the Malaysian peninsula Thailand divides the Andaman Sea from the Gulf of Thailand.